Typical End to End DevOps Scenario

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Our delivery is beyond technological stack only. It covers processes, adoption and focuses on future smooth operations.


  • Understand business expectations
  • Identify IT maturity, capabilities & constraints
  • Analyze and deep dive into current IT processes + infrastructure
  • Understand current software development cycle, available IT resources and existing challenges

Design & Planning

  • Devise overall DevOps strategy fitting current company setup, IT & business process maturity and business plans
  • Create High level design, confirm with main stakeholders (business & IT)
  • Create Low level design, which typically contains: containerization approach, CI/CD approach, integration of Infra as a Code with configuration management tools, test automation, observability (logging, monitoring, tracing), recommended Toolset and potential alternatives
  • Identify challenges & risks in existing environment
  • Propose implementation approach & concrete implementation plan


  • Follow agreed High & Low level design represented by implementation plan
  • Upskill your IT & related business staff in required Toolset & processes
  • Introduce Infra as a Code + full automation approach
  • Setup CI/CD pipelines
  • Pairing and assisting your teams in the deployment and configuration of CI/CD as well as test automation


  • Mentor your IT practitioners to grow up and achieve implementation goals
  • Maintain and support your teams with senior engineering to ensure full operability