Custom tailored platforms for your apps

Develop, deploy and operate your apps in the environment that exactly fits your organization, your projects or your customers.

Mix carefully selected tools and technologies, battle proven engineering practices and hi-degree of automation.


Top it up with a pinch of multi-team collaboration. And you will get your own platform that will be reliable, easy to operate, scalable and sustainable.

Sip and enjoy.

Tools + techniques + processes + people = platform

A platform is a layer designed and built on top of the infrastructure, technology and toolchains that enables self-service capabilities for software engineering in the cloud-native era. It provides golden paths and paved roads that software developers and other IT professionals in the organization can leverage to deliver the business value quickly and reliably. It provides "rails" in the entire lifecycle of an application from the very first line of code to regular day-to-day operation.

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Faster releases

The platform will help you to release faster and more frequently. The faster delivery of your software updates and feature, the faster you will satisfy your customers and embrace the business value.

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A standard build-test-deploy process will be set up making it transparent for everybody in the organization what needs to be happen from an idea to the released product. Thanks to its automation it will be always the same leaving no space for human errors or inaccuracies. Welcome predictability.

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Less hiccups

Using a platform will empower the engineers to get a feedback on their code quickly. Therefore any issues will be identified much earlier in the development process. Their resolution will be then simple just by rolling forward. The deployment will be performed when no issues are detected only.

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Innovate instead of fix and maintain

Doing routine repetitive activities, solving the same problems over and over or waiting for someone else causes frustration and unhappiness for the workers. Let's remove these unsatisfying parts of their jobs and the people will have more room for adding real values to your organization.

Experienced any of these?

Even small change takes a long time before it is released
You spend a lot of time in troubleshooting
Your operation is overloaded by constantly fixing things
There is a long-enduring tension between development and operations teams

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Why us

Broad view

Years of experience and craftsmanship in architecture design, engineering and operations? Yes, we have them, but they alone do not ensure success. We look at business processes, organization culture, personnel and other aspects of your organization to find how make the whole application delivery process as smooth as possible.

Thinking outside the box

We do not have any "copycat" technology stack or methodology that we use everywhere. As you are unique, we will research options, look for tools and design a solution that will be tailored to your unique conditions and requirements.

Rather know than think

We validate concepts, proposals and designs before we initiate the implementation. No decisions are taken from the desk only without being sure we know the real state of things. No single line of code without the architecture and design in advance. Period.