• 3e Calendar for Mozilla

    Your next calendar for Thunderbird

    Free/busy, on-behalf scheduling, calendar sharing and other robust enterprise calendar features now availble for Mozilla based calendars. Find out how to supercharge your Thunderbird or Postbox.

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  • Go mobile

    Android 3e Sync Adapter

    Synchronize calendar data between 3e Calendar and your Android phone to have your calendar always with you. Works with any Android calendar app.

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Schedule meetings directly from your calendar without a lot of phone calls, emails or clicking in the polls.

3e Calendar is brand new calendar system that provides simplicity, ease of use and greater productivity of personal time management and event scheduling.

It provides both basic components – a server to store calendar data and client apps to access that data on a server. No special calendar client apps are required as you can use 3e Calendar directly in your favorite calendar app via plugins. Learn more how you can benefit from using 3e Calendar.

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