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Frequently asked questions

No, they do not. We are able to auto discover their calendar provider from the email address and get their availability if they share it from there. So you will get it, but just from that single calendar. If they use Zonio Freebusy too it provides you better accuracy (multiple calendar providers combined) and higher reachability (mutliple email addresses attached).

Of course not. We do not disclose any event details from your calendars such as titles, descriptions, locations, attendees or anything else. We only use events in your calendar to calculate your availability. If you have an event in the calendar that time slot is marked as busy in your availability. All other time slots are marked as free.

We do not require any of your passwords as we access your calendar providers either via their standard services where you login on their side and confirm Zonio Freebusy to access your data or we access resources not requiring the passwords only (albeit these might be hidden by using not easily guessable addresses).