3e Calendar is based on Easy Event Exchange (EEE) communication protocol which aims to avoid technical complexity, lack of features and difficult extensibility of other existing calendar protocols such as CalDav, WCAP or Exchange suite protocols. That allows you to easily integrate any calendar functionality into your desktop, mobile or web application just by a few lines code without no more extra libraries required or protocol layers to handle.

Calendar based features for your apps

The apps with calendar or scheduling based features attached start to be aware of the schedule of their human user. You can use that to personalize the content shown to your users to enhance the user experience. On the other end you may need just a blackbox to store and manipulate calendar data. Something you just use and do not have to care much. 3e Calendar will be the right tool for you in both cases.

Calendar features for your apps
Develop or integrate faster and cheaper

Develop or integrate faster and cheaper

Easy Event Exchange protocol is based on on XML-RPC over HTTP. These are the technologies available in any development environment without any extra special APIs, libraries or expertise required. With EEE you will need less effort to develop your calendar aware apps.

Developer resources

Find out more about development or integration using Easy Event Exchange protocol and 3e Calendars in following developer resources. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions or issues regarding your development if you can not find the answer over there.

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