Rubinius RPM packages

There are brand new Rubinius RPM packages for RHEL/CentOS 7 and Fedora 21 available in our repositories (for x86_64 architecture only, but is there anyone out there still using 32bits these days?). Fedora 22 coming soon. Follow instructions how to add Zonio repositories to your system and then simply run:

yum install rubinius

Rubinius RPM can be installed alongside MRI. It uses alternatives so you can easily switch between Rubinius and MRI to be system wide ruby with:

alternatives --config ruby

The only glitch comes from the fact MRI packages from CentOS or Fedora repos do not use alternatives. So Rubinius RPM checks before its own installation whether there is MRI installed in your system. If MRI is found, Rubinius RPM changes files installed by MRI RPM package to be alternatives compatible. That means everything will work when you install:

  1. Rubinius only
  2. MRI first and Rubinius later

On the other hand when you install Rubinius first and MRI later you will almost certainly break your system. RPM packages also do not support rubypick either yet. Anyway the packages should be fine at least for all your Docker images, OpenVZ containers or Vagrant boxes where you don’t need/want MRI.


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