Getting started

Getting started

Getting 3e Calendar up and running is easy and no hassle process. Perform following three simple steps to make 3e Calendar ready to use. Then use calendar in a regular way – create events, manage calendars, schedule meeting, send invitations etc.
Step 1Setup calendar server

You need 3e Calendar server to store calendars, events and other calendar data for your users. You can get it as either on-premise package and run it on your own or as cloud based hosted service provider by Zonio.

Step 2Create user accounts

Once you have a calendar server it must be populated with users. You can create accounts and groups manually or connect calendar server to your corporate LDAP directory and synchronize accounts, groups and aliases automatically.

Step 3Install plugins

A plugin into supported calendar apps must be installed for each user to access calendar data in 3e Calendar. Calendar data may be accessed from almost any even unsupported calendar app or device via a web subscription.

Supported calendar apps

Use 3e Calendar with one of the following officially supported applications. Look for other applications upporting 3e Calendars in your favorite app store or on the web.
Thunderbird logoMozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla 3e Calendar Add-on works with Thunderbird ESR10 or later (Thunderbird 17.0+ is recommended). Remind Lightning calendar addon must be installed too. Check latest release notes for more details.

Postbox logoPostbox

Postbox is supported via same Mozilla 3e Calendar Add-on as Thunderbird. It works with Postbox 3 or later. Remind Lightning calendar addon (version from Postbox extensions) must be installed too. Check latest release notes for more details.

Android logoOutlook (coming soon)

3e Calendar AddIn will bring support for 3e Calendars into Microsoft Outlook. Versions 2010 and 2013 will be supproted.
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Android logoAndroid

3e Calendar Sync synchronizes calendars and events between Android device and 3e Calendar server. It fully integrates with Android internal system, so it is easy to set up and works with all calendar apps or widgets. Android version 4.0 or later is required.

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Web calendarLegacy app support

3e Calendar is supported in read-only mode (including reminders) in any calendar application that supports subscription via webcal URI. Most calendar applications support it. Find out how to subscribe 3e Calendars in legacy mode in webcal subsrciption HOWTO.

Evolution logoEvolution

Plugin providing 3e Calendar support for Evolution (GNOME email and calendar client) has been abandoned while in work in progress phase. Worked partially with Evolution version 2.28 and 3.4. Find the code of Evolution 3e plugin in evolution-3e repository.


Find more information about installation, configuration and usage of 3e Calendar components in the documentation knowledge base. Use the forums to post the questions and find the answers.

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