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Rubinius RPM packages

There are brand new Rubinius RPM packages for RHEL/CentOS 7 and Fedora 21 available in our repositories (for x86_64 architecture only, but is there anyone out there still using 32bits these days?). Fedora 22 coming soon. Follow instructions how to add Zonio repositories to your system and then […]

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Polyglot programming environments

We are forced by the nature of our products to be a polyglot environment. We have a server software you can install on promise which is implemented in C. This server interacts with different databases. Many types of client software connect to this server ranging from command-line […]

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Full review in AMO

After quite of lot of waiting in the line for full review in Mozilla Addons 3e has come through. You can now install 3e Calendar directly from your Thunderbird. As promised by Mozilla new versions will be going through the review process more quickly. Hope so…

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Actors, promises and futures in our DNS

This one is for programmers. Well, it is probably for everyone who values simple and elegant solutions to cumbersome problems. From my experience, it is hard for non programmers to see it in source code and I’m sorry but I won’t try to explain – to keep […]

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New kid on the block – Postbox

3e calendar supports Postbox email & calendar client! Well it was not a big deal, because Postbox is based on Mozilla Thunderbird and uses Lightning as a calendar addon too. Fortunately it is based on relatively recent Thunderbird version (if ten versions can be described as recent), […]

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Firefox OS calendar – first impressions


With a release of FirefoxOS simulator extension to Firefox earlier this week I was able to run FirefoxOS for first time. I was quite impressed wtih the UX of FirefoxOS itself which looked quite nice and seemed to me quite consistent to use. I did not like […]

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We are in AMO

We submitted 0.9.5 version of 3e Calendar plugin to Mozilla Addons. We chose the faster validation process option as there is no way to test the full functionality (which is the requirement for full validation) at the moment, because 3e is not out yet. And … voila! […]

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